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A new teaser presentation of the concerts will soon be released, the release of the album in digital on all platforms is planned around July 19 with our record company Origins and we hope to create a clip soon ..

In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to participate or organize a concert or a seminar in your city, place, festival ...

Signature of the music publishing contract
with the Parisian label:

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Concerts and internships in
Ariège, in Normandy and Paris

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We are preparing the organization, creation, setting up and staging of our "meditative MEM concerts"
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Evening "graines de bonheur"

organized by La Compagnie ËA

March 20 was the day of the equinox and the day
international happiness.
We had the pleasure of organizing
at the ecovillage of Sainte Camelle
the evening "seeds of happiness"

We shared a sound meditation and watching the documentary
"What is happiness for you?"

The evening ended happily singing and dancing together

Site of the Sainte Camelle eco-village:

What is happiness for you?

"Happiness is loving and being good to make others good" Bruno

"Happiness is living in peace, serenity, connected to our inner Being ....

The joy of living together "Jeannine

"Live in conscience, compassion and live it now" Sudher

"Happiness, for me, begins with inner peace, which leads me to feel

the love that grows in me, and makes me value the beauty of life "Chaka

"Happiness is having a smiling heart like a child's,

eyes open to the wonders of the universe, to live surrounded by beloved people "Gaëlle

"Happiness is seeing four eyes with the one I love beauty everywhere" Alain

"Happiness is feeling in me Love for all that is" Dane

"Living in love" Séverine

"Love and Consciousness" Anonymous

"Happiness is PEACE" Anonymous

"Happiness for me is to savor this evening together" Fany

"Enjoy the fullness of the present moment" Nadia

"To sing, to laugh, to offer me serenity, to sow" Martine

"State of mind or love and peace, joy spread and share to grow" Anonymous

"Happiness is to be able to sing in heart in front of a beautiful mountain landscape where a river runs at the bottom of the field" Anonymous

"It's to feel happy those I love" Anonymous

"To be together in peace and harmony" Pascal

"Happiness is living all the little moments of happiness that life presents to us and make the other" the others "happy" Caroline

"If I am the happiness of others, then others participate in my happiness" Jean-Michel

"Dance in the rain on a summer evening" Germaine

"Happiness, for me, is these moments, these moments without fear, without waiting ...

Just to be there, to be .... "André

"To lower the mind in the opening of the heart, to be weightless" Clotilde

"Now thank you" Fodil