ËA is intended to provide children and adults with opportunities for self-fulfillment and well-being through amateur and professional arts and cultural practices.

We created the company AE at our meeting,
today, it officially brings together all our artistic activities.

After a long artistic, therapeutic, human and spiritual journey, everything converged on a powerful and unavoidable desire:
to participate in the great movement of humanity in transition,
to bring a touch, a color, a bridge a way, something that evokes and participates in this much awaited renewal, more universal and creative.

Something that is born from within but can not grow on its own.

And it is in our meeting, human encounter, artistic, and our encounter of Souls that the project took body, voice and music.

" Finally ! »We are thus told us ..« Since the time that I waited for you, we will be able to work now .. »

The project was born from this, in a very unique and unique present that offers the possibility to create between music and songs, voices and mantras,
ancient languages and vibrations of the moment, changing rhythms, consciousness, freedom, respect, curiosity ..

Association loi 1901

Rna: W092002386

siret: 834 222 624 00010